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Equinox is a non-profit organization serving adults, youth and families. Based in Albany county, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including residential programs for homeless youth, people affected by mental illness and victims of domestic violence; behavioral health medication management and counseling services; substance abuse counseling; after-school support for youth; employment assistance; family support; outreach; and prevention. We work to enhance the mental and physical welfare of the youth, adults and families in our community.

The Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties assists individuals and families in gaining strengths, skills, and supports so they may live satisfying, productive, and meaningful lives in the community. The Association is dedicated to a new vision of care with an emphasis on resiliency and recovery. We do this by providing programming in the areas of residential services, clinical and rehabilitation day services,children and family supports and case management, and crime victim services, all in a collaborative fashion. Since 1958, we have dedicated ourselves to community education and advocacy.

Mohawk Opportunities, Inc. strives to provide individuals living with Mental Illness, HIV/AIDS and Homelessness the supports they need to live stable meaningful lives. Our services include a wide array of supported housing options; skills training in such areas as symptom management, medication management, daily living/self care tasks and socialization; advocacy and assistance in obtaining needed benefits and services; supportive connections during times of need and flexible, community/home based clinical treatment. All services are individualized according to the specific needs of the client and are designed to promote growth and recovery.

Founded in 1978, Transitional Services Association provides restorative care and assistance to individuals dealing with mental illness and chemical dependency. Based in Saratoga County, our agency provides residential support services for children and adults as well as case management programs. TSA provides high quality clinically and medically necessary care in the least restrictive environment to support recovery for those we serve.

Since 1971, Unity House has been Making Life Better in the Capital Region. We are a Rensselaer County-based human service agency that provides a wide range of services to meet the otherwise unmet needs of people in our community who are hurting and struggling. We assist those who are living in poverty, adults living with mental illness or HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, and children with developmental delays. We work to achieve social justice in our community and to create a better understanding of those we serve.

Established in 1948, the Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health is a not-for-profit provider of community mental and behavioral health services. Our programs assist children, adults and families to develop stability and explore opportunities for growth. Our association is committed to listening to the voice of the service recipient, and to collaborating in creative ways with other service providers in the community.